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ISSPA will publish a series of blog posts, from invited authors, on topics relevant to the software and systems process community and to other readers with an interest in process as a domain of research and application. We intend to present views, opinions, arguments, advice, motivations, problems, recommendations—in general, contributions that will give readers something worthwhile to think about.

Authors may be invited from within the ISSPA Community, from within the larger software and systems engineering communities, and from other fields where processes are a significant concern.

If you would like to recommend an author or topic for a blog post, please use the form below.

Notes for Authors of Blog Posts

Blog posts should represent the personal views of their authors.  They should be written in a style that is clear, direct, and engaging. 

Our preferred length for a blog post is 500 to 1500 words.  Posts should consist primarily text but illustrations that contribute substantially to the message of a post may be included.

We encourage the use of embedded links, as appropriate.  End notes (such as citations) should be kept to a minimum.  (If you feel that you may need more than a few citations, please consider contributing a feature article.)

The ISSPA will publish blog posts directly on the ISSPA website.  Thus, writing in a style that is favored by search engines may help to increase the visibility of your post.  Also, the formatting in the submitted text can be kept to a minimum, as ISSPA will typically format published posts for stylistic consistency across the website.

All submissions for blog posts will be reviewed by the ISSPA Editorial Board, and submitted blog posts will be published at the sole discretion of the ISSPA Editorial Board.

View ISSPA’s general policies on publications, including terms and conditions.

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