Propose a Collaboration

Over its history, ISSPA (and its predecessors) have engaged in collaborations with many other groups in the organization of process conferences and workshops. For example, ISSPA organized the 2022 International Conference on Software and Systems Process (ICSSP) in cooperation with the Carnegie Melon University Software Engineering Institute. The technical programs for both ICSSP 2022 and 2021) involved joint efforts from the International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE). Moreover, ICSSP 2023 was organized with the involvement of representatives from the Australian CSIRO’s Data61 Unit.

ISSPA will continue to look for opportunities to collaborate with other research organizations, professional groups, and conference organizations. This includes groups based in the software and systems domains and groups from other fields with an interest in process. We welcome inquiries and proposal relating both to ICSSP and to other events (including original conferences and workshops) that may inform, or be informed by, process-related perspectives.

If you are interested in a possible collaboration with ISSPA, please reach out to us.

Thanks! We will process your request ASAP.